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The financial climate of the United States is grim. Like opposite sides of the same coin, Wall Street empties the treasury while Washington stands watch at the vault door so no one can stop them. The people need a voice in their own futures. Welcome to Budget War, a social media platform dedicated to achieving financial transparency and equality from our private and government entities.

But before we can fully rein-in our leaders, we need to accept that our silence during the recent $29 trillion bank bailout makes us complicit in the current crises in which we languish. In fact, at this very moment, Wall Street is preparing to declare yet another market crash in order to secure yet another multi-trillion-dollar bank bailout.

To avoid future Wall Street subversions and to break the current financial suffocation, we must force the Fed to divert a portion of the banking bailout directly to the people. This means a stimulus check of at least $1000 issued to each registered tax payer.

As proud, hard-working Americans, we have a responsibility to take action and to bring an immediate, peaceful, and thoughtful end to this financial crisis. An end that secures our current stability and ensures that we don’t suffer similar crises in the future.

Get on the front lines of the battle for financial freedom and prosperity.

Budget War … your social media platform to fight for your rights and for the rights of all mankind.

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