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Budget War is an American-based non-profit platform dedicated to bringing financial equality for Americans at all levels. Its membership is comprised of like-minded American citizens who stand for the truth and speak in one voice for the financial liberty of the American people.

Budget War was founded in the face of deep unending recession and financial suffocation in the American Economy. Budget War has now grown into a Nation-wide movement.

Budget war is in the forefront of a positive movement that seeks to bring about a gradual recovery of the American economy by turning the attention of the Government of Wall Street to cheaper and healthier ways of reviving the American Economy in the form of Stimulus Check, Fee College Education and Universal Health care system for the benefit of all American people, instead of bailout funds.

Surveys have shown that majority of Americans do not really know what turn the Economy is taking. This is where we come in. We realize the importance of collaborating with like-minded individuals and groups to expand our horizons and reach out to more American people. We are forwarding the knowledge and protection of financial freedom for the people of America.




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